Commercial Bonds are the financial surety bonds that help companies majorly. It is also called as Business Bonds or Commercial Surety Bonds acting as the business protectors. Companies are issuing commercial bonds that are backed by the state legislations. The legislative rules assure the principal’s occupation and various aspects related to its operations.

Commercial bonds are preferred by the insurance companies basically as this is with a low-risk profile. The important things to consider about commercial bonds are not related to any legal issues, contracted work, or any construction work.

The price of a Commercial Bond:

Commercial Bonds are being offered by the business organizations without a credit check and thus the premiums are fixed at a rate of 1%-3% of the bond amount. Otherwise, the price of a commercial bond is depending upon the following three factors, such as:

  • Risks involved
  • Type of Bond
  • The term length associated with the bond

Generally, the bonds are required underwriters’ review. For these kinds of bonds, the purchaser has to qualify for such bonds and the criteria depend on some factors like personal or professional qualifications, and credit check. In case the applicant is having good or required qualification may be offered at a price of 1%-3% premium rates and for the fewer qualifiers, the premium rates may rise slightly high.

Types of Commercial Bonds:

  • Warehouse bonds
  • Liquor bonds
  • Utility bonds
  • License and permit bonds
  • Title bonds
  • Fuel tax bonds
  • Public official bonds
  • Auto dealer bonds
  • Mortgage broker bonds
  • Auctioneer bonds
  • Motorcycle dealer bonds
  • ARC bonds
  • Notary public bonds
  • AG (agricultural) dealer bonds
  • Lottery bonds

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The application process:

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