The Project management:

We all know that project is a short-term, unique assignment that has a specific beginning and ends time with some differences from the routine operations that perfectly designed to accomplish a single goal. To employ the specifically managed technique, knowledge, skills, tools to those project activities are known as project management.

At SIG, we do project management in five different sets of groups. These are such as:

  • ü Initiating
  • ü Planning
  • ü Executing
  • ü Monitoring and Controlling
  • ü Closing

The initiation process needs a vast analysis and data collection. To manage the initial phase our experts always take the assistance of market research and data mining. After that, the planning part comes into the picture. We do consider all the possible pros and cons while making the plan to complete the target project. At the execution phase, we offer the best training to the human resources and give much influence to procuring the latest technologies to finish the project objectives. Continuous monitoring and controlling cell are involved from the very beginning of the process to achieve the desired goals of the project.


Our Project Management Process

SIG project management knowledge expert areas:

We at SIG always give an explicit endeavor to acquire knowledge and expulsion of redundant processes. Unless and until we give the latest technological inputs to the projects we know the achievements will not be fulfilled. The specialized areas which we focus at the time of taking any project management consultancy are:

  • Integration
  • Scope
  • Time
  • Cost
  • Quality
  • Human resources
  • Communications
  • Risk management
  • Procurement
  • Equity holder management

In most of the project management consultancy cases, this document management part is largely ignored. There must be a precise excel approach or any special software approach to organizational strategies. All the required documentation must be done through this process otherwise the entire planning and procurement process will be in great trouble. Here is one graphical approach for the entire project management knowledge base areas.