SOTO INVESTMENT GROUP (SIG) Solution is offering an array of outstanding financial strategies that are unmatched and having some excellent blending for the investors. If you are planning for your future, for your children’s education, retirement or to meet any of your future financial goals there are the perfect combination of investment strategies offering by our industry-leading experts. We will design your investment strategies based on your immediate and future requirements. May the amount is small to you but the SIG investment technology will get maximum return out of it. We are offering the following diversified financial services for you:


  • Project Financing
  • Project management
  • Acquisition & Merging
  • Commercial Bonds
  • Investments on Real Assets
  • Offshore Bank Account Opening Services
  • Managing Investment Portfolio … and many more.

The vertically integrated model business is offered to you to avoid your business operations along with meeting up the financial goal we are dedicated to always. Instead of operating solely have the advantage of vertical integration with SIG, today. Nowadays it is the common feature of a successful business house to implement vertical integration through the backward and forward integration process. Here are the advantages of SIG vertical integration process offered to you:

  • It will definitely decrease transportation costs and reduce the turnaround time of delivery.
  • You never face any financial hardship due to disruptions in the supply chain.
  • The competition will be much easier as you’ll be able to deliver the end results to your customers directly. There will be no delay in any intermediate processes.
  • The cost of production will be lower as you will have full control over your supply chain and overall production and selling process.
  • You will be enjoying the brand value by selling and creating your company-owned brand and thus earning profits will be more than before.

We, at SIG always in search to minimize all the operational hindrances as the process will be huge after implementing the vertical integration to your business. Our assistance on each segment of your business process will help you to reduce any kind of huge investments related to process, procuring manpower, and selling the deliverables to your end-users.

SIG Approach

Soto Investments Group is not a mere name; it is the team that has the intention to mobilize your business to the top on the chart. We are always implementing newer and newest approaches along with the latest technical analysis backed by the traditional and modern concepts of business processes. Our teams of experts are always in the integration of processes that are only beneficial to your business. With our approach, you may have the opportunity to reduce the cost involved in process of integrating raw materials and other procurements for the production.

There will not be any of your competitors in the market as your company-owned brand will be depending solely on your quality standards. We will help you to prepare the best brand value with the quality demanded by your customers. In fact, it will be a win-win situation for you.

Factors of vertical integration 

While we are talking about vertical integration some of you may be raising hand in support of horizontal integration in place. It is advised to them that horizontal integration is nothing but the acquisition of a similar kind of business which may not be fruitful in long run. In that case, the significance of vertical integration is the only powerful business plan that the corporate may follow in the future. To advise you from the SIG investment platform for employing vertical integration always supported by the following factors:

  • To avoid the increasing price of raw materials.
  • To avoid the sources of raw materials or components.
  • To reduce the huge profit margins of the intermediaries of the production and sales.
  • To secure a certain growth of your business.  

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