Project financing is done for the sake of expanding any project in terms of long term viability based on the cost-revenue analysis. It is basically a complete financial analysis of the entire project life-cycle. The benefits of economic revenue over the economic costs are being analyzed in such a foreseeable way to calculate the project viability. At SIG, our experienced financial analysts are expert enough to collect, segment, analyze, and calculate the financial analysis for long term growth CAPEX projects or alike. The financial structures are being determined by analyzing the debt-equity ratio. If it suits feasible for financing we extend our support to it. The debt-equity ratio is being calculated by the value of total debt and financial liabilities against the total shareholder’s equity.

Our strengths

By participating in project financing we strongly secure our profit maximization for the sake of our investors. We know that every single money of your investment demanding its optimum return. We do project financing keeping the notion in mine to limit the redundancy factors related to any parts of the project and make the same more profitable. Here are the strengths we are offering to:


  • We run the feasibility study before entering into any project financing venture.
  • We appoint a separate financial advisor for every project to incorporate the financial plan in an optimal manner.
  • We carefully do the sensitive analysis before project financing to determine the effects of the changed variables in the cash-flow and the initial financial plan.
  • We do the additional finance if required if there will be any unexpected delay, further revisions and any risks come unanticipated.
  • We are testing the financial plan and communicating the impending lenders to pledge the upshot of financing.

We know that SIG project financing has lots of advantages. It permits an off-balance sheet debt treatment for your debt financing. Once we go to finance your project the leverage of the project goes up, certainly. We know that through project financing you may have reduced political risks. Overall your project will get success!!

Our clients and partners are at the heart of our strategy

In Canada, we’re leaders in the development and delivery of large, complex P3 infrastructure projects. Since 1999, through our longstanding equity participation in infrastructure assets, we’ve played an active role in shaping Canada’s P3 landscape into one of the best managed and attractive markets of its kind.